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Become a New Patient

A Dental Appointment is a first step to becoming a New Patient Call 616-452-5721.

Online patient appointment requests made will be contacted before the end of the next business day (consult our business hours below).

After you have your your first-time New Patient appointment, in advance of your appointment, you should complete the New Patient Information Form.

Request a New Dental Appointment

Click the button below to request a patient appointment.


I Have An Appointment Scheduled

If you are a new patient, you will be required to complete a New Patient Information Form. The New Patient Information Form is available to download and completed on your computer.

Having this form completed prior to your office visit will expedite your new patient appointment.

After you complete the New Patient Information Form, you can sent it to us online using the “Send New Patient Info” button below. You can also print the completed Form and fax it to our office. Our Fax number is noted below.

The Day of Your Appointment

It is suggested that you first review the New Patient Information Form (particularly the first page of the form) – as some of the needed information may not likely be readily accessible, and it will helpful to you to collect that information now, before betting started on completing the form.

We prefer to have this information in advance of your new patient appointment – however, you may also print the completed New Patient Information Form and then physically bring it with you to your appointment. You can initially download the form and complete it by hand.

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Finally – Most of us have had the experience of working on a computer, spending time and effort working on a document – and before completing, having the computer “lose” you work. As there is a lot of information to be entered, while completing the form on your computer, as you progress, we encourage you to save the Form regularly to avoid any potential of losing any information you have completed.

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