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How to Get to the Dentist Office Location

Driving to the Dentist Office Location

The Dentist Office location is conveniently located at 2540 Woodmeadow DR SE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Woodmeadow is the street East from the first traffic signal that is North on Breton Road from 28th Street SE.

There is ample parking for patients in front of the office. The main office entrance is barrier free accessible.

Map and Directions  While the Dentist Office location is easy to find, there are many similar looking office buildings nearby on this street. You are encouraged to consult a map and review the dentist office location. 

general dentistry, family dentist, Southeast Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Taking the Bus to the Dentist Office

The Dentist Office location is approximately 2-blocks East of Breton Road.  Using the Rapid Bus #5 (Wealthy/Woodland) there are bus stops on both sides of Breton Road at the traffic signal where Woodmeadow Street meets Breton Road. For the Northbound #5 Bus Stop is #2236.  The Southbound #5 Bus Stop is #2006.

Dr. Nykamp's Dental Office Location is approximately 2-blocks North and 2-blocks East from the 28th Street Crosstown Bus stops at Breton Road.  The #28 Eastbound #28 Bus Stop is #7133.  For the Westbound #28 Bus- the Stop is #7221.

Dentist near Rapid #5 bus route

Schedule a GO!Bus Ride to Your Appointment

The Rapid GO!Bus is a shared ride, advanced reservation, ADA para-transit service intended to provide a comparable level of transportation to that which is provided by a Rapid fixed-route bus.  The Rapid also provides GO!Bus service to non-disabled seniors (NDS) aged 65 and older.

As the GO!Bus is a ride share, schedule an arrival time with the GO!Bus that allows you to arrive well before your appointment time.  After confirming eligibility and becoming registered, you can schedule your Go!Bus ride by calling 616-456-6141.

GO!Bus to the dentist office in Grand Rapids, MI

Contact Us

Dentist Office

2540 Woodmeadow DR SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546


Tel:    616-452-5721
Fax:   616-452-0514


The Dentist's Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
                  8:00 am - 12:30 pm
                  2:00 pm  -  6:00 pm

Lunch:    12:30 pm  -  1:45 pm
Tuesday:  1:00 pm  -  8:00 pm

Closed:  Friday - Sunday