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Sports Mouth Guards

Custom Sports Mouth Guards protect teeth, lips, checks and tongue from an accidental blow to the face.

The use of a simple custom-fitted sports mouth guards can prevent most of the over 5 million teeth are lost in sporting activities year in the USA. These injuries are expensive to repair and can have life-long consequences.

he use of a simple custom-fitted sports mouth guard can prevent most of these injuries for a very small investment.

Common sports mouth guards purchased from sporting goods stores, provide little or no protection in many cases according to the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety.

There is an additional risk associated that one of these cheap mouth guard could lodge in the athlete thought if he/she loses consciousness.  These cheap mouth guards that are not professionally fitted are not recommended.

When it comes to protecting yourself or your family, a small investment in a custom-fitted sports mouth guard is a wise one.

The best protection that you can provide your children or for your self are custom-fitted sports mouth guards that are custom prescribed and provided by dentists. They provide the best fit and offer the greatest protection for athletes of all ages.

Your custom, professionally-made mouth guard with be made from high-grade vinyl that will provide a shock-absorbing quality protecting teeth and mouth from direct impact to the face, chin, and jaw. This also reduces the risk of concussion.

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